mart456t here! operation blackout started on nov. 15 2012 and remember the daily music challenge for the make your mark: ultimate jam in july 2012, well operation: blackout's system is pretty similiar. you click a number on the side and you get the free item they give you (click equip) and read your instructions. you can't just do any number willy nilly, you must do a certain number on a certain date. look at the dates below.


number 1: nov.15

number 2: nov.16

number 3 nov.18

number 4: nov.20

number 5: nov.22

number 6: nov.24

mission accomplished!Edit

on Nov.24 2012 al of those who completed operation # 6 have saw the video, earned an EPF furniture item, freed the EPF agents and discovered a secret you might never forget, Aunt Arctic is the director.