a photo of a hacker


another hacker


an unknown penguin's clones ( probably M O S T's)


an unknown user's clones forming the words "LOL"

mart456t here! i have some very bad news. sleet has now become a hacker zone . a few hackers by the name
Hi guy

a group of clones (note: the penguins who aren't in the line are just passerbys )

of terry91, oggy55,oggy56,oggy59, frundo and chrlsdog. they are hacking penguins everywhere and turning them into clones. if you see penguins marching in a straight at the exact same speed, they are not specialized waddlers... theyve been hacked. very recently i saw this unique marching in a straight line, and then terry91 came and started acting innocent. the truth is it is 99% that terry was using a system and controlling their poor virtual minds! on other servers it is extremely unusual to get hacked, its also unusual to see a group of clones walking around. on the other hand on sleet i see a hacker and few groups of clones a day. listen to this vital info: NEVER log on to sleet. ever since the hackers became hackers theyve been tons of penguins hacked. plus, the only reason i still log on to sleet is to take pics and make vids. in some cases im chatting with this guy and the next day hes walking in line with other guys then i tell myself sadly *sigh* even my friend has been hacked. to tell that your hacked you would usually be having fun online.. and suddnely, your banned for 72 hours. 72 hours later your logging back on and YOUR not controlling your penguin, hes just moving along with other penguins, well... youve been hacked by cps nastiest hackers. oggy55 and oggy56s trick is they say they own an item sender and by about an hour later everyones like OGGYS FAMOUS and ADD ME!. they ask you what item you want and they say it takes 15 monutes to load. lots of times when penguins are like how long will it take you load oggy and he does not say anything or move, hes not on cp, he's using his hacking system. i once fell for it and asked for the beta hat. my penguin was not working very well and i read an article about hacking and it said that oggy55 and 56 hack, and i realized i was being hacked so i logged off quickly before i was hacked, banned for 72 hours and turned into a bot (clone). it first started in 2007. my first time seing a group of clones was april 29 2007 and when it happened i was like "OMG THESE GUYS ARE AWESOME WADDLERS AND PROBABLY EVEN SPECIALIZED" then i guys like "theyre freaking me out so can they stop it?". In other words (the shortest words possible in this situation) we want to make Sleet hacker-free.

is it possible that zznq07 hacks?


ib0t's bots


frundo's clones


frundo's clones and someone's (name currently unknown)clones